In matlab, write a function that takes an array as input and returns its mean.?

Answer Create an m-file like this:function m = my_mean(v)s = sum(v);m = s/length(v);Call it from your main code or from any other script, like thisv = [1 2 3 4 5 6 10 32]m = my_mean(v)Compare with the bui... Read More »

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How to Build a Cell Array in Matlab?

MATLAB is a technical computing software used by scientists and engineers for data processing and analysis. Frequently data stored in arrays and matrices are manipulated using built-in MATLAB func... Read More »

What code do I use to allow user input of a text file to be read (Matlab)?

You can use these commands to do this: ~feof, ~fscanfHope this helps.

The Java Code That Checks the Input Value With the Array Value?

Using a Java method, you can figure out whether a specific data value matches an item in an array. By iterating through the array, checking each value against the input value passed as a parameter ... Read More »

Determine the fourth-degree polynomial y(x) that passes through the points-Matlab function?

You can use the polyfit function.x = [0 1 3 5 6]y = [-1 1 3 2 -2]p = polyfit(x, y, 4)You get the coefficients of the polynomial.p = -0.0250 0.2167 -0.8750 2.6833 -1.0000to evaluate tha... Read More »