In how many weeks will i know if im pregnant?

Answer you will have a missed period.

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I am 9 weeks pregnant scan says im 7 weeks heart beat is good.Is this a serious problem. My baby is healthy or notmiscarriage will happen.Will ultrasound often affect baby?

Ultrasounds are not invasive at all and will not harm you or your baby. If your baby measures 7 weeks but you think you are 9 weeks it could be a number of things. First off, every baby grows at th... Read More »

Drinking the first 4 weeks of pregnancy but did not know im pregnant will it harm the baby?

Yes it could. Anything you take into your body affects the baby.

Will it harm your baby if you just found out you're 3 weeks pregnant and are currently on Ritalin and were taking birth control pills because you didn't know you were pregnant?

AnswerNot too sure about the Ritalin but I do know that there has been no evidence that taking birth control in early pregnancy without knowing that you are pregnant causes any complications althou... Read More »

What will happen to your baby if you were one to two weeks pregnant when you assisted in a chemotherapy but you didn't know it?

Answer i believe that chemotherapy is only harmful to the one that is being treated, radiation therapy particulary i101 iodine on the other hand can make other people sick just by being near the t... Read More »