In fl there is a home owner association and there are people that are not part of the association?

Answer Unless the people who are not part of the association are attempting to perform the association's business, or take advantage of the association in some way, or its assets, there shouldn't be a pro... Read More »

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Two people purchased home with a home owner association and are not part of the association?

If the homes are within the provenance of the association, the new owners are automatically members of the association and are required to pay monthly assessments and live in the property according... Read More »

Is it legal for a home owner's association in Florida to file a default judgment against a person who was never approved by the association?

Generally, when you purchase a property that is subject to membership in a Homeowner's Association, you are subject to all the terms and provisions in the Declaration and Rules & Regulations and a ... Read More »

Can a resident of a Home Owner's association sue the Board of this association?

This strategy may not be the best way to start resolving an issue that an owner has with other owners who volunteer their time to operate the legal entity called the association. But it may end up ... Read More »

Can home owner association in New York fine people?

The association can fine owners. Read your governing documents to identify rules and regulations, and the fine schedule associated with violating each.