In excel how can i make a macro to be ran when a workbook is opened?

Answer Within the Workbook Object, use the Open Procedure: Private Sub Workbook_Open() ' ' your code goes here... 'End Sub.

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How to Split Multi Sheet Workbook Excel Into Single Excel File using Excelsplitter?

Work with hundreds of sheets in one excel file,instead of copying and pasting every sheet in a new file one by one.

Can you make me an Excel Conditional Row Delete Macro?

When you say "rows that have a 'V' in them", are you saying that is all that is found within the cell, or that the letter "V" might be just one of the characters in that cell for column M. It make... Read More »

How would I make a macro in Excel to delete all text in a range?

First of all, you have two questions, though similar, they would have different answers. Let us say that you wish to do what your last sentence states.The following is the VBA code you would need ... Read More »

How to Convert an Excel Workbook to an Excel Spreadsheet?

When you save a spreadsheet in the 2007 version of Microsoft Office Excel, the Excel workbook is the default file format. This format is specifically designed to be used only by the Excel software.... Read More »