In early pregnancy would you have a hard time to poop everyday and stomach is swollen and a bit hard?

Answer Answer Yes.When you are pregnant your digestive system slows down so that you have more time to extract all the vitamins from the food you are eating. Therefore constipation is a definite symptom... Read More »

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What does it mean if the lower part of the stomach is hard and hurts every time you push it and if its been about a week since unprotected sex is it pregnancy?

AnswerPregnancy is a possibility because you participated in unprotected sex although you usually wil not begin to show any physical signs of pregnancy until at least 3-4 weeks since the egg usuall... Read More »

Where does your stomach start getting hard at during pregnancy?

Answer The hard part that is felt in the abdomen during pregnancy is the uterus. Early in pregnancy this will be within the pelvis. You may be able to feel it near the top of your pelvic bone. A... Read More »

How long into your pregnancy does your stomach get hard?

You will first be able to feel your uterus at around 15-16 weeks. Depending on your size now .. if you are thin or a little under weight it will take around 2 months. If you are average or a little... Read More »

Is a hard abdomen and stomach a sign of pregnancy?

Answer During the second or third month of a womans pregnancy it is possible for her abdomen and lower stomach to appear bloated and feel hard. But this symptom alone is not a pregnancy symptom. I ... Read More »