In digital camera 1X optical zoom equals to how many foot-meters?

Answer Your question doesn't make sense. When talking about zoom lenses, the zoom ratio is calculated by dividing the maximum focal length by the minimum focal length. A 70-300mm zoom lens would be a 4.... Read More »

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What's the difference between optical zoom and digital zoom on a digital camera. Which do I most likely want?

Optical zoom is good and digital zoom sucks. Optical zoom is "real" zoom done with the camera lens. Digital zoom is really just a way to enlarge pixels and degrade the image. Ignore it completel... Read More »

What is the difference between Optical Zoom and Digital Zoom for a digital camera?

A optical zoom use the lenses to focus in on a subject, pretty much the same way binoculars work. Digital zoom magnifies the subject by enlarging in in the pic thru a digital process, this is not a... Read More »

What's the diffrence between OPTICAL ZOOM and DIGITAL ZOOM in a digital camera?

Optical zoom is by physically moving the lenses to change the focal length. This is like a telescope or binoculars. Digital zoom is to digitally take the image and "zoom" by interpolating the pixel... Read More »

Which is better in a digital camera - optical zoom or digital zoom?

Optical zoom, ignore digital. A mixture of the two is fine but it is still the optical element that provides a quality zoomed image.What is optical zoom? Optical zoom lenses physically extend to ma... Read More »