In computer terms what does USB stands for?

Answer universal serial bus

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What does IMP stands for in medical terms?

Does anyone know what HD in terms of a television stands for?

High Definition - it projects images at a higher resolution than standard TV, but only if the signal is broadcast in HD...HDTV is defined as 1080 active lines, 16 x 9 aspect ratio in ITU-R BT.709. ... Read More »

What does cpu stands for in a computer?

In computer terminology, the acronym CPU stands for central processing unit. It is a microchip that controls the interpretation and execution of instructions given to the computer by its user.Sourc... Read More »

What do the following computer terms mean ?

30 GB HD refers to the size of the hard drive, which is where data is stored. 30 once used to be large, but has proven to be tiny as people store more music, movies, etc on their computers.128 MB ... Read More »