In computer speak, what does LAN mean?


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What does "<3" mean in net-speak?

i thought it was balls at first too lolnah its a heart :)

What does url mean on the computer?

A URL is an address used to help computers locate and load a website on the Internet, a file on a computer or an entry in a database, according to URL stands for Uniform Resource Loc... Read More »

What does cpu mean in a computer?

CPU in a computer stands for central processing unit. Also called the processor, the CPU is the internal "brains" of the computer where all calculations take place to make the machine work.Source:... Read More »

What does tv out mean on a computer?

A "TV out" or "video out" port on your PC or Mac is a port that enables you to connect your computer to a television or other video display device.TV OutIf your PC or Mac has a special TV out port,... Read More »