In computer languge what does PC stand for?

Answer PC= Personal Computer

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How can i install regional languge in windows7?

First open control panel and choose "region and language" menu. Here you can choose "Keyboard and language " tab. On this tab there is an option for install/uninstall languages. For installing a la... Read More »

What languge is spoken by the most people in the world?

Mandarin Chinese is spoken by an estimated 874 million people as a first language. If you include people who speak it as a second language, there are approximately 1.05 billion Mandarin Chinese spe... Read More »

What does PC stand for on a computer?

As far as computer jargon goes, "PC" stands for "Personal Computer." Personal computers are just that: personal computers intended for individual use. Since their development, personal computers ha... Read More »

My Computer Won't Go on Stand-By?

The "Standby" setting on your computer is a tool you can employ if you're concerned about leaving your computer "up" all the time. Standby shuts down your computer to a minimal operation level. The... Read More »