In computer languge what does PC stand for?

Answer PC= Personal Computer

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What does RAM stand for on a computer?

RAM stands for random access memory, which resides on a collection of memory chips inside of a computer. Programs are stored on the hard drive (the main memory bank) until the program is accessed b... Read More »

What does NIC stand for on a computer?

On a computer, a Network Interface Card (NIC) is an add-on card for a computer that contains a port for you to connect the computer to a network. In modern computers, the NIC is often a permanent p... Read More »

What does ram stand for in a computer?

RAM in a computer stands for random access memory. This acts as the primary place on the computer to store data of all kinds. RAM can hold varying amounts of data, depending upon its size. The loca... Read More »

What does ISO stand for on a computer?

ISO stands for "International Organization for Standardization." An ISO file represents an image or digital copy of the contents of some other digital media. For instance, an ISO could be an image ... Read More »