In c++ how do I print the complement of a number or character?

Answer Many ways but you could do for(c = 0; c

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I have PNR number and i want to print print my ticket?

If the lost ticket is a PRS(Passenger Reservation System) counter ticket, visit any nearest computerized reservation counter and contact the Chief Reservation Supervisor(CRS) and inform him that yo... Read More »

What does t mean as the eighth character in a vin number?

The eighth character in the VIN number is the car manufacturer code that identifies the company that makes the vehicle. If the letter is a "T," it tells you that the vehicle was made by Toyota.Refe... Read More »

This cartoon character's personality and mannerisms were based on a character from a popular TV show that starred Art Carney What was the cartoon character's name and what was the TV characters name?

Can we scan number plates of vehicles from "optical character recognition" devices?

"Is it possible to scan number plates of vehicles from OCR devices"Yes thats how the police do it."if it can what is the minimum distance should be there between this device and number plates for p... Read More »