In baseball the shortstop normally stands between 3rd base and what?

Answer 2nd Base

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How to Play Shortstop in Baseball?

Shortstop in baseball is the leader of the diamond. Shortstop is also a very fun position to play because you get a lot of balls hit to you.

How big is a baseball base?

The first through third baseball bases are 15 inches square and 3 to 5 inches thick, filled with a soft material. Home base is 17 inches long, coming to a point and made of soft white rubber.Source... Read More »

How to Play Third Base in Baseball?

The job of a third baseman in baseball is very important in stopping base hits down the line and making important plays. Third base must also be able to take and cut off throws from the outfield.

What is the size of a baseball base?

First, second and third bases must be 15 inches square, made of soft material and not less than 3 nor more than 5 inches thick, according to Major League Baseball. Home plate is 17 inches square, w... Read More »