In australia is dodo any good?

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What was the habitat of the dodo bird?

The dodo bird, now extinct, was native to Mauritius, a tropical island off the coast of Africa and east of Madagascar. Dodo birds are thought to have descended from African parrots.References:Yenra... Read More »

When did the dodo live on Earth?

The dodo lived on the island of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean and was discovered by Portuguese explorers, who landed there in 1507. By 1681, hunting and destruction of the dodo's habitat had led to... Read More »

How many centuries ago was the dodo bird extinced for?

Dead as a Dodo: They were first discovered in 1581 and were extinct by 1688 so make it three centuries.

Lips problem!... real question and I don't mean Dodo!?

The vitamin deficiencies most likely to cause dry or cracked lips would most likely include a B vitamin deficiency. The specific B vitamins that would be the potential cause might include vitamins... Read More »