In an E-Mail what does lol mean.?

Answer LOL means to laugh out if you feel me who laugh are gay then ur assumption is right. Sometimes when you are in an IM with someone and all they say is lol it can be annoying but not gay.

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What does BBC mean in E-mail?

I think you mean BCC in which case it stands for Blind Carbon Copy, it is a function which allows you to send an email to a second person, without them seeing who else has received the e-mail

What does BBC mean in e mail?

This is most likely a misspelling for bcc which is an acronym for Blind Carbon Copy, used for sending a message to tons of people without revealing others email.

What does bcc in an e-mail mean?

BCC, or Blind Carbon Copy, is often used to designate multiple email addresses to which a particular email will be sent. Like CC, or Carbon Copy, where the same email may be sent to more than one r... Read More »

What does certified mail mean?

Certified Mail is a service of the U.S. Postal Service that offers enhanced tracking and security options not available with other mail types. This option is available at all post office branches ... Read More »