In a way,isnt it good that the internet is not under control?

Answer The internet is not under control? I've had several Yahoo Answers accounts wiped off the face of cyberspace. No threats, no profanity; merely stating how stultifying I find our government system. W... Read More »

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Where can you go on the internet to find the control codes for a 1056bo1 universal remote control?

Since there are hundreds of codes for many models I have listed the link below in the link section which is right below this answer box.

Son has control of our internet?

i agree with aye bee my advice for your situation since neither of your are that fermiler with computers and you say he can create his own software and he's really addicted to the computer with lot... Read More »

How to Control a PC Through a Different Internet Network?

Two computers in different parts of the world can be connected through a dedicated and secured connection over the Internet. There are many applications available for free downloading that can be u... Read More »

How to control the internet speed in the network?

I agree with Mark, unless you have Bandwidth problems or a strong reason to do this , I recommend to keep it as it is.. On the other hand you can control it using monitoring applications or advance... Read More »