In a restaurat do you perfer to pay at the table or uprfront to a cashier?

Answer I prefer to pay at the cashier.

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Can i sue a restaurat for refusing entrance and service to a person with a mental disability ( manic depressio?

No. Businesses have a right to refuse service for ant reason that they choose.

Do you perfer HD-DVD or blu-ray disc?

I have a PS3 and love Blu-Ray. The Best looking movies I have on Blu-Ray are 3:10 to Yuma, Superbad and Rocky Balboa. I love the smart menus, and the picture. I always watch the trailer on Blu-ray.... Read More »

Do you perfer iced tea or hot tea?

I prefer ice-tea in hot summer days ... maybe even with a couple of ice cubes.I prefer hot tea in cold winter days ... especially when I just came in the house and I am frozen, or if I have a cold ... Read More »

Characteristics of a Cashier Job?

Cashiers work in many businesses such as grocery stores, gas stations, movie theaters and restaurants. This entry-level position brings with it a wide variety of responsibilities which may differ d... Read More »