In a restaurant, I asked for a well done steak. When it came it was almost raw !?

Answer After a poor meal, I too was asked if I'd enjoyed it, and I said, well if the wine had been as cold as the soup, and the chicken breast as plump as the waitress', and the salad as fresh as the wait... Read More »

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How do I start a good steak restaurant?

A steakhouse is the place where a man's man eats. Mahogany walls, prime cuts and white tablecloths let you know that you have made it in the world. What if you want to be the man who owns the pla... Read More »

Does anyone know of a restaurant in the Bay Area that serves Shark steak?

I can't think of a single restaurant that serves Shark any more. Since Obama signed the "The Shark Conservation Act" back this last February, Shark has pretty much disappeared from menus all over t... Read More »

Is it wrong to enjoy eating a rare steak sandwich while standing outside of a vegan restaurant?

Not as long as you're sharing it with me.

If you bought steak to a cookout and only hamburgers were cooked...should you ask for ur steak back?

Well, that would be bad manners. BUT if they didn't cook the steak, that's poor manners too. When you bring food or drink to someplace, they are supposed to serve it. If they don't, you don't sa... Read More »