In a nutshell, what is the Ipad and why does everyone seem to criticize it?

Answer The iPad is an iPhone on steroids.16 reasons why it sucks:"The name sucks! The first thing my fiancee told me about the iPad? “Honey, I think I’m getting my iPeriod, do you have an iPad for me?... Read More »

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Is it just me or does it just seem like everyone wears uggs now?

Yeah, but Uggs are SUPER cute so whats your point...?

People don't criticize artists for paint on canvases, why do people criticize girls for makeup on faces?

That's like saying every girl is capable of being an artist! And if it looks like someone painted on a canvas, but instead it was a face... well then you just look like a clown.I think it is becaus... Read More »

Why does my mom criticize my hair so much?

Well do what u like to do its ur hair not hers everyone has their own opinions ur mom doesn't like it but doesn't mean that u or other people shouldn't. It's ur hair always remember that. I love al... Read More »

How can you verify that you have an iPad 2 and not an iPad 1 since it does not say 2 anywhere on the receipt box or iPad?

The iPad 2 is slimmer and has a camera. On the menu of the iPad 2 it should have extra icons like FaceTime, Photo Booth and Camera.