In a dvd player there is a function states it have 5.1 channel wat is dis thing?

Answer Its means 5 stereo speakers and 1 sub woofer. But my advice to u. First u goes to music system shops and feels the effects of 2.1, 4.1, 5.1 and 7.1 channel woofer surround speakers. In market today... Read More »

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Is there such a thing as a portable Blu-Ray player?

No. Blu-Rays can only work on HDTVs. And in order to get the full resolution and quality of the Blu-Ray, your HDTV needs to have a pixel amount of 1080

Is there such thing as a DVD player that will play .avi , .mkv , or .ogm files What is it?

Philips players can play .AVI (DivX) files as well as the usual DVD and JPEG stills. I haven't seen anything that will play the other formats, but some other mfg's can play MPEG files.

If you have direct tv and you want to get to the DVD player what channel do you have to go to?

I have a DVD player it has Optical out and Coaxial output in it how do i connect to 5.1 Channel Speakers?

Video out of the Blu ray players (hdmi or component) as well as the optical or coaxial digital to the reciever, Then the speakers outputs to the speakers. If the reciever doesnt have video input... Read More »