In a double door fridge set points are there in both freezer and cooler sections but you see only one compressor How does this single compressor operate for two different set points?

Answer The compressor does all the cooling. Those set points only control the air movements from the cooling coil area to the freezer or fridge side. So! you adjust the air flow for more or less cooling i... Read More »

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Whata is the difference between a single or double compressor fridge?

Single compressors are used for both the freezer and refrigerator. Normally they pump cool air into the freezer and then into the refrigerator portion. This causes problems usually when your loadin... Read More »

How to Wire a Cooler Compressor Fan?

A cooler's compressor uses a fan to stay within its operating temperature range. A cooler's compressor changes low-pressure vapor refrigerant to high-pressure vapor refrigerant. This process create... Read More »

How to Change a Freezer Compressor Relay Switch?

The compressor on a freezer is the motor that runs the appliance. When activated by a relay switch, the unit forces refrigerant gas under high pressure through the condenser coils to lower the temp... Read More »

How to Replace Compressor Mounts On a Fridge?

If you notice your refrigerator making an unusually loud noise, yet it's still working perfectly fine, you most likely have a problem with your compressor mounts. The compressor is part of the refr... Read More »