In a divorce case who would get custody of a child if one spouse is unemployed?

Answer Answer Custody is granted based on what is in the best interest of the child and not on financial status.This is the reason that non custodial parent are equally responsible for the financial issu... Read More »

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If you believe your spouse is a sociopath and you have an infant together and a pending divorce should you fight for sole custody of the infant child?

Answer If you feel your child is in danger than I would say yes but if you feel he is a sociopath than maybe you might want to consider consulting your question towards a professional who could te... Read More »

How would you serve someone court papers who lives out of state in a child custody case?

I have to do the same thing.. what you need to do is look up on the internet and find out what county they live in... then look up the phone number for the county sheriff... they will be more than ... Read More »

Can a spouse be granted full custody with no visitation just because the other spouse was charged with simple assault on her child only once?

Answer Yes. I doubt that any judge of Family Court would buy the "only once" defense. All of the judges, social workers, etc. I have encountered stick to the "Past behavior is a true indicator of ... Read More »

If you divorce the spouse is his child still legally YOUR step child although YOU never legally adopted the child?

No, if the spuse you divorced adopted the children or they are his/her own, he/she gets possession of them by law, unless he/she is unable to care for them.