In a computer, where does deleted files go?

Answer recycle bin

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Are the deleted files still on my computer?

When you delete a file, Windows simply deletes the entry for the file name and location in the Master File Table. The data remains on your hard drive until it is overwritten by new data, and can be... Read More »

Can Deleted Computer Files Be Recovered?

Deleted computer files can be recovered in many cases. The more recent the deletion, the better the chance of getting the file back. When a file is permanently removed or emptied from the Recycle B... Read More »

How do I see deleted files on my Apple computer?

Move the cursor to the Dock at the bottom or side of the screen---the Dock's placement varies depending on your computer settings. Wait for the dock to appear and move the cursor over to the Trash ... Read More »

How to Search for Deleted Files on a Computer?

Sometimes the world just seems to work strangely. Moments after you throw away something you haven't used in years, you need it! This can also apply to computer files. For example, as soon as you f... Read More »