In a bar, what drink would you order to start?

Answer Hot weather; BeerCold weather; Red/Mulled wineDaytime; Gin and tonicNighttime; Tequila!Out with a girl; Share a bottle of whatever wine she's drinkingOut with the boys; Anything, petrol, whatever's... Read More »

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If a George Bush was a drink you could order in a bar what would be in it?

How often would u drink in order to become an alcoholic?

1 drink 3 times a day!? LOL NOOOOOAlcoholics drink WAY WAY WAY MORE THAN THAT!!They have such a tollerance that it takes probably at least 5-6 to even get a buzz. I have a friend who is an alcoholi... Read More »

If your doctor told you that one more drink would kiII you, what drink would you choose as your last?

ooh GOOD pull straight from a handle of captain morgan till i died. maybe id finish the whole thing.

If you could drink only 1 kind of alcoholic drink when u go out, regardless of price, what would you choose?

Wow.. the answer Irina_C gave you is exactly the same answer I gave to "yer_daddy" 4 weeks ago when he asked the question "Bartenders - What is your best drink?" (for entertaining crowds at your ho... Read More »