In Windows MovieMaker, how do you....?

Answer Go to the timeline mode, set it where you want the trimming to end, click "split" and then delete the 5 second clip that you split from the 45 second clip. though it may be hard to get rid of just ... Read More »

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How do I convert files I get from a DVD Camcorder (8"mm DVD) into ones that I can use in Windows Moviemaker?

You got problems. Search the web. Search DOWNLOAD and SHAREWARE dot com. Generally you need a higher end pay program like Studio 10.You MIGHT try Avid Free, but you need a Full Metal Jacket comp... Read More »

How to Add Special Effects With Microsoft Paint and Windows Moviemaker?

Have you ever been on YouTube or seen someone else’s home videos that had simple yet cool effects added to them? In this step by step, you will see how to add some simple graphics to a film using... Read More »

Windows do I do a Youtube Video with screen shots of Q&A from YahooAnswers?…

Footage not working on moviemaker. please help?

It depends what sort of MPEG you've got. MPEG-1 should work, MPEG-2 isn't supported and needs to be converted (or get a better editor), MPEG-4 isn't supported but will work if you install ffdshow.