In What Ways Does Hydropower Affect Humans?

Answer Hydropower is derived by capturing the energy in moving water. Today hydropower's primary use is for electricity generation. Other small scale uses include the operation of mechanical machinery and... Read More »

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In What Ways Does Plagiarism Affect Our Society?

Plagiarism is taking someone's work and reusing it in a way that is not appropriate or without giving him proper credit. Educators use many technologies to guard against plagiarism, such as databas... Read More »

How Do Zebra Mussels Affect Humans?

Look around at any beach, pier, lighthouse, dock, boat launch or campground and you are likely to see a sign describing the dangers of zebra mussels to the boat you're launching, the fish you want ... Read More »

How do coral reefs affect humans?

The massive, stony structures known as coral reefs that are found in coastal waters provide food and other benefits to humans, but human activity threatens the very existence of the reefs.Coral Ree... Read More »

Activities to Show How Humans Affect the Environment?

As schools teach children about history and the other social sciences, they should also teach about the ways that the growth of human society and industry has affected the environment over time. On... Read More »