In What Video is Babytards Name Revealed (from the Shaytards)?

Answer well in the video "tarzan girl" princesstard is filming babytard and says "i see emmi" and shay said "call her babytard please" so yeah it's emmi, and it was revealed in others too but i don't reme... Read More »

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Who revealed to Jerry in the sitcom titled Seinfeld Kramer's first name?

Kramer's mother revealed to this to Jerry Seinfeld in a matter of fact way as she saw no problem. Apparently Kramer felt uncomfortable with it and always wanted to be called "Kramer".

What happened shaycarl, shaytards?

You mean the dog's dad? Maybe it was looking for its son. It didn't have time to go to no marathon.

What are the Shaytards kids' real names?

katilette = colettesontard= gavinprincesstard= aviababytard= emmylast name= butler (everyone says its butler. you can find them all in the phone book as butlers. it CANT be Carl like some people th... Read More »

Having trouble remembering a Shaytards vlog?

Your best bet would be to go on their channel, click "videos", and go to page 35. That is where the videos start of them making the road trip, moving in, and such.