In What Months Do Dogs Shed the Most?

Answer All dogs shed, although certain breeds shed more than others. Though a dog sheds its old hair year-round, especially if kept primarily indoors, it tends to shed the most in the spring and the fall ... Read More »

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Why do dogs shed their fur?

Shedding is a common occurrence with many dog breeds. When a dog sheds, it loses bits of fur in varying amounts. Dogs shed their fur for a number of different reasons, some of which may require med... Read More »

What kind of dogs do not shed?

Some people say that no outfit is complete without dog hair, but you may disagree. While a low-shedding dog can still set off allergies, at least your wardrobe can be hair-free.PoodlesPoodles of al... Read More »

Hybrid Dogs That Don't Shed?

Hybrid dogs that don't shed have become very popular, especially for people who are allergic to pet dander. You'll find that non-shedding hybrids are mixed with poodles, because poodles don't shed ... Read More »

Do yorkie dogs shed?

Yorkshire Terriers do not shed, and they do not have an undercoat. This makes them desirable for people with allergies. Because Yorkies have long, silky hair, Yorkie owners must be prepared to spen... Read More »