In What Income Statement Item Does Variability Show a Firm's Business Risk?

Answer Business risk includes any factor that may cause a company to lose money or perform poorly, operationally speaking. Financial commentators often distinguish business risk from financial risk, which... Read More »

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How to Show Your Income if You Run a Cash Business?

Showing your income when running a cash business does not have to be difficult with good record-keeping skills. Cash-only businesses must verify income with receipts and corresponding bank deposits... Read More »

What is the difference between business risk&financial risk?

Business and financial risk are two of the main risks in operating a company. While they are interrelated, they are distinct business concepts, one relating to the financial strength of a specific ... Read More »

How Does Business Risk Impact Project Risk?

Conditions are challenging for an organization operating in today's business environment. Such organizations adopt risk-management processes to anticipate and respond to new threats in their operat... Read More »

Accounting for Charitable Organizations vs. Business Firms?

Charitable organizations, like any other business, have accounting needs. Accounting for businesses and charitable organizations are similar, to a certain point, yet they are different in other lev... Read More »