In What Circumstance Can You Deny FMLA?

Answer Enacted in 1993, the Family and Medical Leave Act or FMLA was put into place to protect workers in the case of serious illness, the birth or adoption of a child, or a need to assist a close family ... Read More »

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Can an Employer Deny FMLA in Pennsylvania?

In 1993, the Clinton Administration introduced The Family and Medical Leave, FMLA, as a means of providing unpaid work leave for qualified employees. This federal act applies to all states, includi... Read More »

What is pomp&circumstance?

The familiar graduation tune "Pomp and Circumstance March No.1" was never meant to be a student's farewell march. In fact, the tune was originally played to honor the song's creator. The venue just... Read More »

What is the one thing you would never ,under any circumstance eat (even if you were starving.)?

worms and bugs .. sorry that's two but they both make me sick

How to Write a Letter of Circumstance?

A letter of special circumstance is a letter that a student writes to a college or university when he cannot afford the tuition. It is meant to demonstrate that the circumstances keeping the family... Read More »