In Virginia can a Contractor that works for Verizon make an employee pay for damages if that employee was told he did not need liability insurance?

Answer You will need to call your local Workers Compensation Commission and find out if there is anything you can do. In South Carolina you would have to be employed by this person and drawing a paycheck ... Read More »

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Will liability insurance cover it if an employee steals from the company he works for?

Who's liab. policy? If you mean will the employers general liabilitly policy cover his own employee stealing.. Maybe, of course charges would need to be brought etc. Most certainly turn in the claim.

Will liability insurance cover it if an employee sues the company and the manager if an employee gets hurt and says the manager was negligent?

Answer Worker's comp would be the employees only refielf unless he alleges the owner was guilty of gross negligence, altered a safety device, etc.

When an employee is in an auto accident during business hours and the other driver decides to file a lawsuit for damages who is liable the employee or employer?

Answer If the employee was in a company vehicle, on company business, then the other driver would suit the company.But it also depends on where the accident took place, as the laws differ.

What Is Employee Liability Insurance?

Workers' compensation insurance is "no-fault" protection that allows workers to recover medical costs and lost wages resulting from bodily injury suffered during work. Injuries and financial damage... Read More »