In USB data cable, what does USB stand for?

Answer Universal Serial Bus (USB) is a serial bus standard to interface devices. It was originally designed for computers, but its popularity has prompted it to also become commonplace on video game conso... Read More »

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What does XLR cable stand for?

XLR is the standard term for the inputs used to connect a modern microphone to a sound interface. In its original meaning, Cannon's 1958 Type "X" connection featured an added latch ("L") and a rub... Read More »

What does a BNC network cable stand for?

The BNC, or Bayonet Neill Concelman, cable connector was named for its inventor, Carl Concelman, an engineer with Amphenol. BNC connectors are miniature quick-release RF connectors that are used fo... Read More »

What does Logo cable channel stand for?

Logo, a gay and lesbian cable television channel, chose its name to give a sense of identity to the gay community. While the letters themselves stand for nothing individually, the word as a whole s... Read More »

How to Transfer Data to an LG CU400 Using a USB Data Cable?

The LG CU400 is a clamshell-style mobile phone that was offered by Cingular Wireless. Although Cingular Wireless is no longer around, you could still use their branded handsets on the AT&T Wireless... Read More »