In Texas is it lawful to limit number of condos one person can own in a complex?

Answer Whether or not it is a law in Texas, it may be a rule in your governing documents. Read them to discover if there is a limit to the number of units you can own, and if there is, what that limit mig... Read More »

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Is displaying American flag in NH condos lawful?

Read your governing documents to determine the guidelines for hanging other than window treatments in windows.

Are there laws in New Jersey about mandatory number or size of dumpsters for condos?

You can review the New Jersey condominium law to discover if this detail is covered there. Most likely, it is not. Each year when the treasurer puts the annual budget together, the process include... Read More »

What is the deer limit in Texas?

In Texas, the number of antlered (bucks) and anterless deer a hunter may legally harvest each year varies by county. For example, in Cameron County, in the southern Texas, the total bag limit is fi... Read More »

What is the limit for window tinting in Texas?

Before you purchase a car or have your windows tinted, make sure you are aware of the legal requirements for window tinting in Texas to avoid fines and unnecessary complications.Legal LimitThe lega... Read More »