In Tennessee what happens to you for not having car insurance?

Answer Well lets see, A suspended Drivers License, Surrender of Automobile tags and vehcile registrations, You'll probably be required to get an SR22 filing from your insurer if they are willing to issue ... Read More »

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What is the penalty for not having auto insurance in the state of Tennessee?

Answer You can find the answer to your question by going to this internet address:

What happens if you do not have liability insurance in Tennessee and are in a auto accident?

Can a 16 year old get insurance on his or her car without having to have a parent on the insurance too and without having to be on their parents car?

AnswerNo. At 16, you're still considered a juvenile in the eyes of the law. As such, you can't enter into a legally binding contract, which is what an insurance policy would be in effect.Not to men... Read More »

What happens if someone hits your car with no insurance but you got no fault insurance?