In Special Ed what is AED stand for?

Answer An AED is an automated external defribillator.

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How to Stand out and Be Special?

You always see those people who dress alike, talk alike, all that. Have you ever just wanted to stand out and be special and avoid all that? Have you ever wanted to really make a statement?

Which method is the one through which united states special operations command presents all theater special operations forces under one special operations commander?

US - Army Rangers, Army Special Forces, Delta/ACE, Navy SEALs, Navy SWCC, MARSOC, Air Force Special Tactics -Pararescue, Combat Controllers UK - SAS, SBS Germany - KSK Canada - JTF-2, Special Op... Read More »

Why aren't the marines force recon in special operations command like SEALs and Special Forces?

Recon Marines are JTF (Joint Task Force) with SOCOM though they report directly to MARSOC (Marine Special Operations Command). Because of all of the Intel flowing in to these organizations, they mu... Read More »

How can one or more of the technologies liker photography audacity blogger Google sites could help either students with special needs or families with special needs?