In SC how is a mother proven unfit and what happens to the children?

Answer Being proven unfit is interpretive, and limited by state budget problems. Unless there's an immediate danger, they will not take the kids as there's no place to put them. They will not consider a... Read More »

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Does being a battered wife make you unfit to be a parent to your two children or is a batterer unfit to be a parent?

Answer The answer seems rather obvious (to me anyway).There is no reason to believe that the batterer would not vent their anger and abuse on the children.Being a battered wife is nothing shameful ... Read More »

If a mother is currently in a long-term homosexual relationship but is not in any way unfit can the father use that relationship against the mother in court for custody?

Answer Of course. Even though society has come a long way in terms of acceptance and equal rightsfor homosexuals, the debate still rages as to whether children can be adversely affected by witnessi... Read More »

What is an unfit mother?

Answer Any mother who cannot or will not adequately provide for her child emotionally and physically.Unfit mother (parent) is a societal term rather than legal.What some would define as unfit woul... Read More »

How do you report an unfit mother?

Telephone your nearest child social services.