In Pottermore, which house do you hope you'll be sorted into?

Answer Hufflepuf

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Name a Color you hope your Neighbors NEVER Paint their House?

What is the song that goes get it get going till you get it on but youll never find it nooo cause you just wanna I heard it on the NHRA four-wide nationals on ESPN and it sounded good?

Yes the FCC regulates everything on TV, Radio, Newspapers etc... But anybody can say what they want as long as they can pay the fees.

How Are Diamonds Sorted?

Diamonds are mined from the ground using volcanic pipes. Once the ore comes out of the mine it's sifted and separated to expose the diamonds from the rubble. After the diamonds have been sorted, th... Read More »

Is mail still sorted on trains?

From Wiki:After the privatisation of British Rail in the mid 1990s, British TPOs were operated by Rail Express Systems and their successor EWS. Royal Mail decided to suspend all transportation of m... Read More »