In Pottermore, which house do you hope you'll be sorted into?

Answer Hufflepuf

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Name a Color you hope your Neighbors NEVER Paint their House?

Hi There is a tree at the back of my house which is overhanging into my back yard. It is not on my property.?

Go to your land registry office and find the owner of the property. contact them telling them of the danger this tree is causing. Edith

FlashForward: If you could see six months into your future, what would you hope to see?

I hope to see my new business take off and to receive many clients or to get part time work so that I can become more financially independent. I also hope that I can come to a final decision on wh... Read More »

Which name should I haveFaith or Hope?

they are both really positive names just depends on who the name is for and which characteristic applys to theyou better if you always believes that life will get better or things will get better e... Read More »