In Photoshop CS5, how do you get out/get rid of the transform controls?

Answer To get rig of the Free transform tool, after adjusting the size of that imageHit ENTER or hit the TICK mark on the top right side of the Screen :)Yeah, you are right!! :) you have to hold the objec... Read More »

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How to Transform Someone Into a Vampire in Photoshop?

This article would benefit from screenshots. You can help wikiHow by reading Take Screenshots for wikiHow for instructions. Notice added on 2010-08-18.Ever watched the film 'Twilight' and imagined ... Read More »

How do I get edit transform options in Photoshop CS2?

Click on the Photoshop layer containing the element you want to transform. Make sure you have applied any filters or styles to text or smart objects on the layer, as you may not be able to apply th... Read More »

How to Transform in to SSJ4?

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How to Transform Yourself over the Summer?

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