In Order to File for Bankruptcy Do You Have to Owe a Certain Amount?

Answer Individuals considering filing for bankruptcy protection often face a number of questions. Because bankruptcy carries serious financial considerations, those going into a bankruptcy case must make ... Read More »

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Do you have to file taxes if you made under a certain amount?

You must file taxes if you are self-employed and earned more than $400, if you owe special taxes due to early distributions from a qualified retirement plan, you made excess contributions to your I... Read More »

Do i have to eat certain foods or just a certain amount of calories?

Protein fruit veggies if u eat junk and fat for 1600a calories u r doing more harm then good. No soda either

Is there a minimum income amount to file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy?

There is no set minimum income amount required to file Chapter 13 bankruptcy, though filers need enough income to cover standard costs of living and the bankruptcy's monthly settlement. The income ... Read More »

How much debt must you owe in order to file for bankruptcy?

You do not need any minimum amount of debt before filing for bankruptcy, according to the United States Air Force Academy. However, you generally should not file unless you are at least $15,000 to ... Read More »