In Order to File for Bankruptcy Do You Have to Owe a Certain Amount?

Answer Individuals considering filing for bankruptcy protection often face a number of questions. Because bankruptcy carries serious financial considerations, those going into a bankruptcy case must make ... Read More »

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Is there a minimum income amount to file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy?

There is no set minimum income amount required to file Chapter 13 bankruptcy, though filers need enough income to cover standard costs of living and the bankruptcy's monthly settlement. The income ... Read More »

How much debt must you owe in order to file for bankruptcy?

You do not need any minimum amount of debt before filing for bankruptcy, according to the United States Air Force Academy. However, you generally should not file unless you are at least $15,000 to ... Read More »

What is a bankruptcy order?

Bankruptcy orders are a court's declaration that a person cannot pay his debt and is thus bankrupt, according to Maps of World. In the U.S. bankruptcy orders are issued after a person liquidates hi... Read More »

What is the median family income amount in Washington for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy?

As of June 2010 in Washington, the median income for a single person was $51,161. For a two-person household, it was $63,930. For three people, it was $72,275, and for four people, it was $82,422. ... Read More »