In Louisiana can your new spouses income increase child support?

Answer Not by law, however the state sets law based on court rulings so this may change. see links below

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Louisiana Child Support Age Laws?

In Louisiana, as in most states in the U.S., child support ends automatically when children are grown up. Each state has its own age of majority and its own exceptions when support can terminate be... Read More »

State of Louisiana Child Support Laws?

Louisiana law establishes specific requirements for child support in divorce cases. The law spells out how an initial child support obligation is established in a particular case. Louisiana statute... Read More »

Divorce Laws in Louisiana Regarding Child Support?

Louisiana courts will determine which parent gets custody of the child at the time of divorce. Non-custodial parents are usually ordered to pay child support to help provide care for minor children... Read More »

My ex girlfriend is married and has 1 yr old and is pregnant with another child both by her husband will that increase the amount of child support I pay her for the 5 yr old I have have with her?

It should not lead to an increase in child support. It may lead to a decrease. The cost of supporting three children is significantly less, per child, than the cost of one child. There are many s... Read More »