In Java, when should you use an abstract class and interface?

Answer The difference between a class and an interface when using them is that you can only extend one class while you can implement multiple interfaces. Also, an abstract class can have code already defi... Read More »

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How to Name a Class in Java?

This article is about choosing proper names of Java classes you write. Theoretically you can call the class by any name that is supported by the language itself. However it is better to follow some... Read More »

How to get the powerof N without using a Math class in java?

Use a for loop. For example the following function returns the answer as an integer:private int printPowersOfN(int main, int power){int answer = main;for(int i = 1;i < power;i++){answer = answer * ... Read More »

ToString error in my please help?

Delete "Rect Surface Area" and "Rect Peremeter" in String.format().

(java) Using class names instead of int or String?

The thing between the "private" and the name of the variable is the variable's data type. It can be a primitive type like int, or it can be the name of a class. (String is the name of a class too.)... Read More »