In Java, how would I create an array of 10 random integers between 1 and 100?

Answer TAKWAS, your code will create bunch of errors. Here's the correct code:import java.util.*;public class random {public static void main(String[] args) {Random random = new Random();int[] rArray = ne... Read More »

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How to Declare an Array of Integers in Java?

Unlike some other languages, Java does not have implicit variable declaration. That is, you can't just start using a new variable in your code and trust that it will be created. You have to declare... Read More »

How to Store Integers in an Array in Java?

The Java language allows you to store data within many different types of structures. Arrays are among the most commonly used, as they are straightforward to create and efficient to access. You can... Read More »

Question about Java Array?

You would mostly use them for short list and things like that. However there are much better options for storing list, especially long ones such as ArrayList and other data structures stuff like th... Read More »

Java- array of objects?

Ok, mostly what you need to do is decide what information needs to be stored for each state. You create a class named State just as the example below shows a Bicycle class, except that the State cl... Read More »