In Itunes, how are you arranging your equalizer!?

Answer Equalizer varies for different music. There is no one setting that satisfies all genres. You may also want to set your equalizer differently for each audio source. It will sound different through y... Read More »

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How to Set Your iTunes to an Old Times Radio Setting With the Equalizer?

Always wanted hear what your music would sound like through a really old radio? well here's your chance. If you don't know what an equalizer is, it's used in recording studios, to help make vocals ... Read More »

The best equalizer settings for iTunes?

There are not any specific conditions under which an equalizer is consistently correct for matching the experience of the original recording.In more detail, an equalizer as it's name implies, is de... Read More »

Do you have to go on to iTunes to get songs onto your itouch or can you get songs from iTunes straight from your itouch because i know you can go ont the internet but i dont know if you can get iTunes?

Yes you can. Just click on the purple iTunes on your iTouch instead of clicking music. It should take you straight to the iTunes store. But you must pay to by them.

Itunes could not connect to the itunes store The network connection timed out. make sure your network settings are correct and your connection is active-how do I make it quit saying this?

by making sure that your network settings are correct and your connection is active ;) iTunes uses windows internet connection options. Open Internet Explorer Select "Tools" menu "Internet Optio... Read More »