In "Hymn to Wikipedia," which musical instrument represents Gregory Kohs?

Answer The 60 hertz hum and crackle from a guitar amp that wasn't plugged in properly.

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Which musical group in your mind represents the best recreation of New Wave?

I heard a band about 2 years ago who've since made it to the mainstream called The Sounds. I'll let the music speak for itself :)…When I 1st heard this on ... Read More »

Which musical instrument(s) do you love the sound of?

GuitarBassDrumsOrgan (Especially Pipe and B3)Piano SynthMellotronViolinViolaYour Welcome :D

Musical Instrument Classifications?

If you've ever wondered what kind of instrument an oboe is, or how a wood block can be classified as an instrument, you're not alone. Instrument groupings assist musicians and non-musicians alike i... Read More »

How to Make Musical Instrument Recorders?

Recorders are often thought of as instruments for children, and most of us probably learned a simple tune on a recorder in elementary school. The recorder, however, is an instrument with a rich his... Read More »