In Houston,Tx. on Christmas Day,What eating places are open besides Luby's?

Answer Here is a list of places open on Christmas Day in Houston. Click on "reviews" to the right of the restaurant to read customers' opinions. Too long for me to copy. Just click on the blue words.Go... Read More »

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Good eating places in NYC?

there's this really cool irish pub near brodway.also, hard rock cafe, is a really neat place to go to, too In Times Square.

Fun Places to Go in Texas During Christmas?

If you love the holiday season but hate cold weather, visiting Texas might be the solution. The state offers a variety of celebratory events during the season, but the weather is warm enough that y... Read More »

Fun Places to go during the christmas time in Los Angeles?

Not sure you will call the price of this reasonable but at the Crystal Cathedral, they have The Glory of Christmas which tells the story of the birth of Christ. If you want to get into the spirit,... Read More »

Places that are open 24/7?

Try the phone book or Google. There are tons of places open 24/7. Where do you think shift workers and fire fighters, paramedics and police get their meals?