In "God of War II," How to Beat the Second Titan Minotaur on Titan Mode?

Answer In "God of War II," Kratos is ejected from his throne on Mount Olympus, prompting him to seek revenge on the gods who turned their backs on him. On his journey, you lead Kratos to Euryale's Temple.... Read More »

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How to Beat the Barbarian on Titan Mode in "God of War II"?

"God of War II" is the second release in the "God of War" video game series. Released by Sony on the PlayStation gaming system in 2007, players control Kratos as he embarks on his quest to gain rev... Read More »

How to Mod a Nerf Titan?

A Nerf-brand rifle toy can be modified to enhance the way it fires a projectile. To do your own "mod" on a Nerf-brand Titan, replace the barrel with one that you have made. Supplies found around th... Read More »

How do I use a Titan Peeler?

Grip the Titan Peeler by the long handle and hold a vegetable in the other hand. Drag the peeler down and then up the vegetable in a controlled movement. Remove any vegetable matter that gets stuck... Read More »

How Do I Get More HP Out of My Nissan Titan?

Regular MaintenanceKeep the engine tuned, the spark plugs clean, burn high octane gasoline, change the oil, oil filter and air filter per owner's manual instructions or sooner, which boosts the hor... Read More »