In Florida can the insurance company charge you for a licensed teenager if they do not drive?

Answer Teenagers and Auto InsuranceYes they can and will. You as a parent are financially liable for any damages caused by your minor child. By proxy your insurance company will be responsible for any dam... Read More »

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If your 16-year-old son got his license but did not drive would your insurance company charge you extra?

Answer You don't have a way to convince the insurance company that he won't drive, if he has a license. So yes, he will have to be named as a driver on your policy. If you have fewer cars than driv... Read More »

Can your employer force you to put the company name on your auto insurance if you drive your personal vehicle to do company business?

AnswerIf the employer is compensating you for the use of your truck, i.e, a mileage rate, then yes they can ask to be listed as an additional insured. However, if they fail to pay you anything for ... Read More »

What is the Florida insurance code for Progressive Express Insurance Company?

Typically, you can find the NAIC code for your insurance company on your ID card. Progressive has a variety of NAIC codes, most issued below. Progressive Express has been selected with a *** for yo... Read More »

Whose insurance covers you if you drive a friend's car but only have a learners permit and your parents have the same insurance company?

Answer I hope you're asking this before you need to know, not after.In most cases the insurance is on the car, not the driver, so it would be the car owner's insurance. Generally, the insurance wil... Read More »