In February TV's will change to digital?

Answer TVs won't magically change to digital =). In Feb, the TV stations will stop broadcasting in analog.No, your TVs will not work with HD unless you have an HD TV.Just because a signal is digital doesn... Read More »

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How to Set Your Digital Watch to February 29?

Ever get frustrated that your watch doesn't recognize February 29th? Your watch has no way of knowing it is a leap year and skips from February 28th to March 1st. There's a quick way to set your di... Read More »

Can you get digital TV programs without cable service after February 2009?

June 12, 2009, was the last day consumers could get broadcast programming without a digital receiver or a set-top, analog-to-digital converter box. The congressionally mandated move to all-digital ... Read More »

Where can I find a list of TV sets affected by the new digital transition in February 2009?

I can tell you that your Emerson TV from 2005 is not HDTV compliant. You will definitely need a digital converter box to receive your local channels over the air for free. You will need a indoor ... Read More »

Will broadcast CABLE channels change in February?

Great question!I suspect that in at least some cases, yes, there will be a slight change. I have to preface this by saying I have never worked in the broadcast field, and if someone who has first h... Read More »