In Facebook, would it be weird to accept a friend request?

Answer I ignore any and all facebook requests of people that I do not talk to. I've had people that I went to high school with who I was not friends with that would facebook me and I would click on ignor... Read More »

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If God is in Facebook, would you add him/accept his friend request?

Gives a whole new meaning to the words "Wall Post", doesn't it?

Is it weird to friend request someone on Facebook that you haven't had any contact with in years?

Would you send a friend request on fb to someone u hate just to see whether they accept it or not?

Probably not. It would be a waste of my time..

Why wouldn't he accept my friends request on Facebook!?

maybe he didn't really notice that it was from you or he didn't read it.. but then there's the chance that he's just not that into you... if yous' are friends and he likes you then i would figure t... Read More »