In Buffy the vampire slayer does Buffy become a vampire?

Answer During the first season in the episode 'nightmares' she is a vampire. But everyones nightmares disappear after she defeats the bad guy.

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Does Buffy off of Buffy and the vampire slayer find out angel and cordelia love each other?

Buffy doesn't find out that angel and cordelia love each other in the tv series, and so far she hasn't found out in the comic series either. No, she never knew(I really don't think he wants to tel... Read More »

Best willow and Buffy episodes on Buffy the vampire slayer **BEST ANSWER: 10 POINTS**?

Doppelgangland (S3E16)Choices (S3E19)Intervention (S4E18)Gone (S6E11)Same Time Same Place (S7E3)First Date (S7E14)To Name A Few

Giles from Buffy the Vampire Slayer does he know that Buffy was shot when he returned in episode two to go and grave from season 6.?

He never mentions it, nor is anyone shown telling him, so most likely he does not.

In season 4 of Buffy the vampire slayer what episode does Buffy see angel in la?

We never see Buffy in La in the show Buffy, but we did see her there in the spin off Angel, twice in the episodes "I will remember you." and "Sanctuary."