In Atlanta, where can I find a restaurant that serves good siopao?

Answer Eurasia Bistro - 129 East Ponce De Leon AvenueNam Vietnamese - 931 Monroe Drive N.E. (Midtown Promenade)Bluepoint - 3455 Peachtree RoadChoptstix - 4279 Roswell RoadSweet Lime - 1128 Euclid AveAll o... Read More »

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I live in Rochester,ny. Where can I find a place that serves an irish breakfast?

Age to work in a restaurant that serves alcohol?

You just couldn't serve the drink order. Not sure if you could place the order at the bar either.If you are looking for a job there why don't you go in and talk to one of the managers before you ... Read More »

Is there anyone that can tell me of a restaurant in Phoenix,AZ area that serves Fried Clams with the bellies.?

check these out PP:Taylor's Chowder House3528 W. Calavar Road, Phoenix(602) 978-1815Rating: Price: $20-$40This Back East seafood restaurant knows its deep-fried way around the likes of clams, oyste... Read More »

Does anyone know of a restaurant in the Bay Area that serves Shark steak?

I can't think of a single restaurant that serves Shark any more. Since Obama signed the "The Shark Conservation Act" back this last February, Shark has pretty much disappeared from menus all over t... Read More »