In Arizona what are the rules for divorcing and wanting to take the kids out of state?

Answer Answer You need to contact a lawyer licensed in Arizona and who specializes in family law to learn the statutes of dealing with divorce and children.

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If you and your wife are divorcing because of an affair she is having and you will likely need to leave the state to get a full-time job can you do this and take your daughter with you?

Answer This is a tough one and depends on the circumstances. I would see a lawyer and see what your rights are. If your wife is seeing to your daughter's needs and your daughter enjoys living wit... Read More »

What are the general rules and giudelines for entrants wanting to try out for American idol?

That depends on where you live. In general, every weekday. Check your local listings to be sure.

What's the fear behind parents not wanting their kids to tell them what to do?

everyone in my family has a voice and an input into everything we do. THATS CALLED MUTUAL RESPECT

How sure do you have to be about not wanting kids before you get permanent birth control?

I couldn't get a doctor to agree to tying my tubes until I was 35. I was in a horrible rotten relationship with a guy who couldn't even afford to pay child support with his one son (still feel as... Read More »